Designed to help improve your mobility and flexibility. Use them as a warm-up or cool-down with my other workouts or by themselves on an active recovery day. Keeping your body supple and mobile will not only aid your recovery between workouts but help to reduce your risk of injury and did I mention just how good they feel.

A quick and easy full-body stretch routine made for beginners. Great to do at the end of a workout or as an introduction to more advanced stretching routines.
❤︎ Level: Beginner
❤︎ Duration: 10 Mins
❤︎ 1 Round


Child’s Pose helps to stretch the hips, thighs, and ankles while reducing stress and fatigue. Begin by kneeling on the floor. Touch your big toes together and sit on your heels, then separate your knees about as wide as your hips. Arms long out in front of your forehead resting on the mat. Take a few deep breaths in and out through your nose to relax.

Make sure you don’t let your head completely fall back. Look upward and lift from the front of your chest rather than from your chin. Next, press through your arms to open the front of your body as much as you would like. This is also great if you have a sedentary lifestyle which causes a tight chest, weak upper back, and bad posture.

Cat/Cow Pose helps to undo that stiffness from your pelvis, back, shoulder, or neck. Start with knees hip-distance apart and your hands will be directly under, or slightly in front of, your shoulders. Exhale into Cat by curling your pelvis under as if you were drawing your tail between your legs. Pull in your lower abdomen as you curl your tailbone under. Inhale into Cow Pose by arching your back releasing your belly towards the floor bringing your head to look either forward or up.

This is a favorite as it is a total-body dynamic stretch that serves to improve the mobility of the hip flexor, quadriceps, adductor, thoracic spine, and shoulder. From a push-up position step forward with your right foot so that your knee forms a right angle. Try to extend the back leg to straight.  Drop your hips back down and raise the same arm as the forward leg twisting back until your feel a tight stretch. Use the opposite hand to press into the floor for balance.

Use a cushion under the knee if needed. Begin by extending the foot out further than your knee making sure that it remains in line. Posteriorly tilt your hip meaning “tuck your tailbone under” to open up the hip joint and the low back. Slowly raise the same arm as the hip flexor being stretched to include the psoas and increase the stretch through the hip flexors. 

Sitting on the floor extend one leg keeping the knee straight by tensing your quad. Lean forward keeping a straight back. The shoulders and neck should be relaxed as you bend forward from the waist. Draw your core in and exhale to go increase the depth of the stretch. If you cannot reach your feet trying using a resistance band or towel. 

Lie on your back with knees bent, then cross the right ankle over the left knee. Lace fingers behind the left hamstring, then gently pull the left leg toward you to activate the stretch on the right side. Hold the stretch for 20 seconds keeping the upper body flat against the floor. Relax, then switch sides.

This is probably the most common quadriceps stretch. Begin with the knee bent and the thigh positioned in front of the body. Use a chair or wall for balance. This places the foot under the hip making it easier to reach. From this position, the key is to gently pull up on the foot to take the slack out of the quad. While maintaining tension bring the thigh into extension until they feel a comfortable stretch. 

Begin by interlocking your fingers behind you near your butt. Your back should still be straight. Exhale as you lift your hands and pull your shoulders back. 
Try pinching your shoulder blades together. I like to lift and lower my arms as well as holding the position. This stretch can also be done sitting at your desk.

Stand with feet about hip-width apart. Position one arm across your chest with your elbow slightly bent. Grasp just above your elbow with your other hand and push your elbow towards your chest. Only push gently until you feel a stretch. Gently apply more pressure to the stretched arm to increase the stretch.

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